James Sullivan for the Boston Globe:

The breed, of course, is the pit bull — the latest in a long line of dog breeds, from bloodhounds and German shepherds to Dobermans and Rottweilers, to endure periods of demonization. Gorant is the journalist who covered NFL star Michael Vick’s high-profile dogfighting case in a Sports Illustrated cover story.

From Bookweb’s Indie Next List:

“NFL quarterback Michael Vick and his minions set up a major dog-fighting operation, and the details of what the dogs had to endure are all here. It’s not a cozy read, but it is gripping and emotionally intense, and the drama is real. 

Advance Praise for The Lost Dogs

The Lost Dogs takes an up close and personal look at society’s ultimate underdogs, and the animal lovers who bucked the odds—and the system—to save them. Gorant has crafted an insightful and uplifting tale about the way that nurture can sometimes triumph over nature, and how the remnants of cruelty can be transformed through the power of hope and love.”

“Gorant, a Sports Illustrated senior editor, here expands on a cover story that appeared in the magazine’s December 29, 2008 issue and received the most responses of any story that year. In the intro to his book, which at first look is beautifully written and forthright yet not sensational. Gorant aptly quotes rescuer Donna Reynolds on efforts made for these dogs: “‘Vick showed the worst of us, our bloodlust, but this showed the best.’” The Lost Dogs should make some news; not just for animal lovers but for anyone pondering the human propensity for violence—and goodness.” 

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