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Praise for Fanatic

“Questions like these turn Gorant’s story into far more than simply a description of sporting events. Instead, he has combined an engaging travelougue with a study of human nature and a tale of internal exploration. Along the way there are moments of true friendship, excessive bacchanals and the discovery of what sports really mean to the fans, far beyond the momentary heroes and soon-forgotten scores. Fanatic is a worthwhile exploration of both sport and life.” —Book Page

“Gorant’s knack for imagery is more befitting a skilled painter than a sports journalist….He properly answers the question of why we care about sports. More importantly, he shows us why we should.” —Rocky Mountain News

“This vastly entertaining work—part bawdy travelogue, part touching memoir, part sports reportage at its best—reminds us why games matter so much to so many of us. If only all our seatmates at sporting events were as perceptive as Jim Gorant.” —L. Jon Wertheim

“Casual fans and true believers alike will find Gorant’s rollicking account of his ultimate road trip the next best thing to a ten-game winning streak.” —Allen St. John, co-author (with Chris Russo) of The Mad Dog 100

“Jim Gorant went out and got himself the ultimate sports boondoggle. The he stitched together a well-reported, deftly told narrative that brings his dream sports journey to life. If you can’t make it to all these great events yourself, I urge you to read this book before you die.” —Seth Davis, CBS sports

“Fanatic is an irresistable journey into the heart of American sports and, through Gorant’s passion and keen reporting, the heart of America itself.” —Robert Kurson, author of Shadow Divers and Crashing Down

Praise for Fit For Golf

“Boris has played a vital role in my ability to play professional golf. He helped me win two majors along with two other tournaments in the past two years.” —Vijay Singh


“Boris has been instrumental in helping me achieve my personal fitness goals. He is a committed and knowledgeable professional who I am confident can help others achieve their goals as well.” —David Duval


“Since I began working with Boris my strength, fitness and flexibility have improved enormously. The benefits to me and my golf career have been significant.” —Robert Allenby