All love a good-mannered living being – and pets are no exception! A trained, well-mannered pet means less of chaos and more disciplined and organized home. If you don’t make your pet used to good manners, you’re the one who will end up regretting later! So why not start training your pets since the very beginning itself? Here are a few things you need to teach your pet, and you’ll surely thank yourself later for all the effort!

  1. Stay still:
    Teach your pet to stay still in the place he is the moment you ask him to stay still. This will ensure that your pet won’t come in where he’s not supposed to be – for example, someone visiting you has a fear of your dog, but your dog is all excited and jumping around, the ‘stay still’ command will help in such and many other similar situations.
  2. Go to a spot:
    Just like stay still, go to a spot is pretty useful too. This will stop your pet from dashing outside the house when not required. Make your pet used to ‘going to a spot’ immediately, as soon you’ve told him to do so. And use these commands sternly and watch your pet listen and turn in coyly!
  3. Away from the dining table:Dinning
    Pets when little have the habit of jumping on the table and pulling away things from there – make your pet used to staying away from the dining table. You can feed him and keep him occupied well in advance so that he doesn’t interfere during your dining schedule.
  4. Signs and sounds:sign & sounds
    Create a set of signals and sounds language that your pet can follow when directed to do so. A sharp look or a clap and your pet knows what it is meant for – that’s the level of obedience you must imbibe in your pet. Even otherwise, pets do turn back to their owners for approval before doing anything, so your signs and sounds should help here.
  5. Ignore them:
    When your pets are babies growing up, you can’t expect them to be disciplined, despite the effort you put in to train them. They’ll be like little kids, jumping around everytime and everywhere. But you haven’t’ to sit pampering them every minute – let your pet get used to being ignored too. Else, the same pet will grow up to be a cranky one, who keeps barking every other minute to seek attention from you.